[PODCAST] Ron Gula Challenges the Narrative on Cybersecurity at InfoSec Nashville

Inspired by old hacker movies and the first IBM personal computers, Tenable Network Security founder Ron Gula wants to change the narrative of cybersecurity.

“While Ronald Reagan saw the movie War Games and was influenced to issue some presidential orders, I was influenced to learn about hacking and get into computers,” Gula said.

The 1983 movie depicts the ramifications of a military super-computer compromised by a backdoor hack. Nearly 30 years later, the real world is imitating art with high-profile cyber attacks carried out on Sony and the DNC.

Gula will be a keynote speaker at the 16th annual InfoSec Nashville conference on September 20, 2016, at the Music City Center. He’ll share lessons from his over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and how companies can apply secure engineering design to protect against cyber attacks, instead of trying to address the problem after a breach.

“Security shouldn’t be something that’s bolted on,” he said, citing the need for companies to engineer their entire security plan rather than just adding the latest security tool.

One of the latest trends Gula will discuss is the streamlining of security engineering to focus on the individual business. By offloading common services to cloud providers, a company’s security professionals can reduce the complexity of their environment and the challenges of keeping it online and secure.

“People who have outsourced to Gmail and Office 365, and don’t have to run five copies of Exchange for their load balancers, are starting to understand you can get some better reliability and security with the cloud.”

Gula will touch on the changing landscape of information security and how companies can prepare for the brave new world of cyber warfare in light of recent international attacks. He wants to raise awareness of the cyber world outside of smartphones, Gmail and Pokemon Go.

“We don’t need a hundred more headlines about who got hacked or whose emails got read,” he said, “we need to start talking about the substantive things we need to do as a culture to secure our data and secure our privacy and move forward.”

Ron Gula will be giving a keynote address at InfoSec Nashville on Sept. 20, 2016, at the Music City Center. Tickets can be purchased here.