[PODCAST] Speakers, sponsors and attendees share their expertise at InfoSec Nashville 2017

On September 19, 2017, information security professionals from around the world converged on Nashville’s Music City Center for the 17th annual InfoSec Nashville conference – a day of conversation focused on defense strategies for our most precious data. The conference featured two keynote speakers, 16 unique breakout sessions, and eight 20-minute flash sessions.

Speakers, sponsors and attendees were invited to sit for an interview in the Podcast Lounge sponsored by FireEye cybersecurity and malware protection. FireEye analyzes the whole security operations lifecycle to detect and prevent possible cyber attacks.

Listen to their stories to hear a sample of what people experienced at InfoSec Nashville 2017.

Tenable’s BJ Withrow discusses the most recent major breaches in the information security industry, as well as the importance of “good cyber hygiene.”

Adrian Sanabria of Savage Security shares memorable experiences of his time of being in the information security industry.

Founder of the ISSA Nashville chapter and CEO of LBMC Information Security Thomas Lewis goes into detail about what really happened in the recent major information breach at Equifax, and why focusing on authentication is important when protecting your personal information.

Gene Loye of Innovative Network Technologies stresses the importance of being a “Value Added Reseller” in the information security industry.

AJ Bahou of Bahou Law explains how blockchain will revolutionize the information security industry.

Mark Burnette of LBMC Information Security discusses why business executives should see cyber security as risk management, not as compliance.

Jack Daniel of Tenable discusses making connections through the Security BSides event series and some history of information security.

Kyle Bubp of Savage Security reinforces the importance of building company-wide relationships with security teams and finding guidance within compliance frameworks.

Susan Richards of Change Healthcare gives a behind-the-scenes look at InfoSec Nashville and the process of building an information security community.

Ben Henderson of FireEye discusses why everyone should have a proactive approach to information security, not a reactive one.

Marci McCarthy of TEN and ISE explains why emotional intelligence is key for information security leaders, especially during crisis management situations.